Michael Cohn



Michael has worked for the law firm of Phillip Paul Weidner and Associates since 1986.

Michael came to Alaska in 1984 after graduating from law school. Michael’s 31-year legal career has included work on many personal injury, wrongful death, products liability, tort, medical malpractice, and workers compensation cases. He has been involved in over 30 cases that have settled for sums in excess of $1 million, as well as many more cases that have settled for sums between $500,000 and $1 million.

Michael has represented plaintiffs in many medical malpractice cases. He has achieved settlements in cases involving failure to diagnose cancer, medical malpractice causing blindness, medical malpractice causing cauda equina during back surgery, medical malpractice resulting in a perforated bowel during back surgery, medical malpractice during laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgery resulting in transection of the bile duct, medical malpractice during sinus surgery causing blindness in one eye, medical malpractice during radical left nephrectomy causing severing the superior mesenteric artery and resulting in death;

Michael has also represented plaintiffs in cases involving catastrophic injuries and death from defective products, including defective firearms, defective diving equipment, and defective machinery. One memorable case he worked on was a product liability case concerning defective diving equipment. That case resolved with an after-trial settlement of $2.85 million.

Michael has represented plaintiffs in cases involving catastrophic injuries in a motor vehicle accidents. One case involved the negligent implementation of a decision by the State of Alaska to waive the application of the motor vehicle laws for airlines operating at Anchorage International Airport. The case resolved in a $5 million settlement. Michael also represented plaintiffs concerning a motorcycle accident where the decedent was struck and killed by an employee of a company that permitted its employees to drink up to a case of beer after a good day at work, and then drive home. That case resolved in a $5 million settlement,

Michael has represented plaintiffs in wrongful death claims against the liquor establishments for over serving individuals and/or selling to underage patrons. He has represented plaintiffs in aviation accident cases, including a case where the pilot neglected to lower the landing gear while landing it Anchorage International Airport. Michael also represented the family of two deceased loggers in a helicopter accident.

Michael is committed to helping people and understands that each person’s case is important regardless of the amount of money involved, or the significance of the damages. Michael relates to the experiences of his clients, as his own father died as a result of medical malpractice and he witnessed his mother and sister struggle through the course of that litigation.

Michael enjoys spending time with his wife and son, going to the movies, traveling, playing racquetball, and exercising.

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Brooklyn College (B.S. Accounting., 1975)

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Law School

University of Oregon School of Law (J.D. 1984)

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Alaska U.S. District Court for the District of Alaska

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Alaska Bar Association